Transcendance Part 2 — Chaos

Katie decided to sell her family home and belongings. She deposited some sentimental items at her bank’s safe deposit box and said tentative farewells to her relatives and friends. With a handful of volunteer friends, Katie took one last good look at a world which had nourished her to middle-age. Together, they proceeded to the […]

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Transcendance Part 1 — Shattered

“Here we are mummy!” shouted Kieran as he ran towards the Flower Dome. His two sisters followed closely behind, excited at seeing the Sakura blossoms that were specially imported into Singapore during the cherry blossom season. Katie sprinted after them with her husband, Leo, trailing behind. The twin sisters tended to fight as to who […]

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Birds, Bees and Trees (BBT)

My sapling has finally vanished. Ditya observed with a detached heart. This had never happened before, even when she ran away from home in the past. Her bird and bee were still encircling her, fatter from the spoils of her recent indulgence of rich food and orgies. They were in distress, flying and buzzing aimlessly, […]

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Power To The People

Justin swore as his smartwatch screeched during the late night movie he was watching in the cinema with his girlfriend, Lindy. As he fumbled with the holo-buttons to complete the mandatory scroll-through the entire referendum text, nearby cinema patrons tsk-tsked him for his irresponsibility as a citizen inconveniencing others. “Fuggit I’m a righty today,” he […]

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The Right To Choose

Sally woke up with a snort. Opening her eyes gradually, she peeped at the masterscreen that faithfully logged her vital stats, with a small date and time at the bottom right of the screen. The date of her Right To Choose. Sally had lived a good life. Born in a tiny country that lacked nothing […]

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